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Genesis Hot Mop
Genesis Hot Mop, Same Day or Next Day service guarantees
Fully Licensed and Insured

Same or Next Day Service Guarantee

Do you have a leaky shower pan? The damages can be a hassle, and time consuming. It can cost you thousands of dollars to repair. The solution: construct a watertight shower pan for your tile shower. We can help!

Do you need to build a shower pan? Do-it-yourself projects can be very time consuming. Alone, the cost can swell up to thousands of dollars to contruct. We can help for a fraction of the cost. The professionals at Genesis Hot Mop will get it done for you. You'll pass your city inspection when you let us do the job.

We use hot liquid asphalt combined with 3 layers of felt paper, and fiber glass in every corner and seem, so our hot mop shower pans can withstand the daily traffic. That's our job!

Waterproofing any floor that has to be tiled, and exposed to water requires a great hot mop done by a professional that has years of experience and is qualified. We hot mop shower pans, decks, retaining walls, planters and more.

See some of our work.

  • The wall base around the shower needs to have a minimum of 10 inches high of solid blocking in between the studs. 2x10"s are common.
  • Use a new two or three piece bolt-together drain with the outter edges of the subdrain flange installed flush or resting on top of slab/subfloor.
  • Set water thresh-hold also known as the entry dam/curb at a height above the drain top strainer. Three stacked 2x4"s is common.
  • Benches/seats need to be solidon all faces to be hot mopped. In addition, benches/seats need to have a minimum of 4" inches of backing around them; this includes the top and side walls. Please call for details about preparing floating benches.